Brutal Strike-Brutal Strike v1.3135 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Ammo)

Brutal Strike-Brutal Strike v1.3135 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Ammo) title=

Brutal Strike

216 MB

The fast-paced tactical first-person shooter Brutal Strike improves on the team-based action gameplay. new levels, characters, weapons, and game modes are included, as well as updated versions of old material (nuke,dust, etc.).


Before the post-apocalyptic zombie revolution, the world was a peaceful and pleasant place. Z Shelter seems to be a safe place to live, but it is also full with dangers and survival hazards. In any case, the only way to hope is to keep surviving, even if hunger, thirst, cold, and zombies will all threaten your half-life, and other survivors may also be your adversary in this brutal zombie world.

Each level has a hidden purpose and exciting chores that must be properly completed in order to confront your opponent and attack your target. As you fight your way across the arena in the Battle Royale, you will experience the ultimate blend of action and strength. This is an opportunity to hone your weapon handling abilities and prepare to pull the trigger and put your sniper talents to the test.


In Brutal Strike, grab your weapon and fire at strong Panzers and choppers, drones, and oil tankers on the deadly battlefield. Keep an eye out for enemy bases using the mini map to ensure your survival and completion of the task. FPS Shooting games with a real-time kill shot battlegrounds. It’s a free online shooting game where you may compete against actual sniper shooters from all around the globe.

In the lethal warzone, you may arm yourself with an incredible variety of combat weaponry and battle your way through savage foes. Participate in a variety of missions and activities to boost your strength and get great prizes. Take control of the battlefield by defeating each opponent and establishing yourself as the game’s monarch. The game have 3 mode with all support multi player:

Team Deathmatch is a conflict between two teams of players (counter terrorist VS terrorist team)Free mode: It’s kill or be killed. You should try to take out as many of the other players as possible.C4 Mode: The bomb was planted by the terrorist crew. The explosive has to be defused by the counter team.


Talk, chat to your other gamers and other people in the game.Fantastic sound design and 3D visuals, both of which are well suited for the genre of New Action Games.Up to five-on-five online multiplayer player vs player combat, and it’s a fair fight!Use less mobile data in real-time matches.Multiple squads for the defense (SWAT,GIGN,Spetsnaz,Seal…)6 distinct maps for you to test out your strategies on!5 different types of battles that you and your friends or gamers from across the globe may engage in.Excellent optimization, even on devices with limited resources!